Custom Scripts

Scripting Custom Scripts

Custom scripts can be attached to individual submissions with the Development Plan. This documentation covers the specifics of individual custom scripting API methods, and first-time users should read the tutorial. Scripts can reference the submission they are attached to with the "self" or "submission" variables.

  • Submissions — Reference and manage a single submission.
  • Field Management — Find and reference fields for a submission.
  • Fields — Get and set values for an individual field.
  • Errors — Create custom validation errors for fields.
  • Modals — Show, hide, and create modals for submissions.
  • Forms — Reference and manage a single form.
  • Submission Management — Mass-reference submissions by form.
  • Querying — Dynamically query forms and submissions.
  • User Information — Get information about the logged-in user.
  • Navigation — Add custom menu options.
  • Form Preferences — Store user-specific data for a form, and access it from any submission.
  • Integrations — Reference and call third-party OAuth APIs.
  • Custom Modals — Create your own modals with the standard Modal object.
  • Validations — Create custom server-side validation scripts for your forms.
  • Procedures — Trigger a custom server-side script with a POST call.