The feature guides below have step-by-step instructions along with screenshots and examples. Features included with a recent release may not have full pages yet, but you can browse the patch notes for information on new additions.

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Building Custom Applications

  • Drag-and-Drop Forms: Build an unlimited number of drag-and-drop forms for your business processes. We'll handle the database and infrastructure.
  • Customizable Fields: Use our field types to build your own applications. Make fields required, unique, unchangeable, or add a minimum and maximum size. Use Regular Expressions to build your own validations for field values. Add custom sorting to your field values (eg. sort responses by priority "High", "Medium", "Low" instead of alphabetically).
  • Customizable Form Options: Add custom redirects and labels. Make submissions anonymous, or restrict the number of submissions a user can make.
  • Comments & Mentions: Staff members can comment on submissions to share information. Use @username mentions to send a notification to another user.
  • Import & Export Data: Import CSV and Excel files, or export to XML, CSV, and JSON at any time.
  • Data Versioning: See the changes that have been made to submissions and restore previous versions at any time.
  • Submission Receipts: Enable submission receipts to email users submitting a form with a summary of their submission.
  • File Storage: Upload files to our built-in File Manager, with 1GB of storage per staff member free. Add attachment fields to your forms and create folders with group-based permissions. Manage your organization's files from one place and connect them to your business applications.
  • Markdown Posts: Create your own posts formatted with Markdown to share information with your organization. Group your posts into folders and add group-based permissions. Use posts as wikis for knowledge management, public documentation, or just to list your thoughts.
  • Advanced Search: Make advanced individual field-based searches and save the search as a reusable report. Grant group permissions for submissions matching specific reports for parameter-based access control. Available with our Team Plan.

User Management

  • User Accounts: Invite staff members by email or username and manage their permissions online.
  • Group-Based Permissions: Add your users to groups and assign them permissions for Creating, Reading, Updating, and Deleting responses to forms.
  • Data Sharing: Grant form permissions to your partner organizations and affiliates to easily share data and create access-controlled applications. They can grant the permissions to their own members and manage their users independently.
  • Parameter-Based Permissions: Give groups permissions for form submissions that match parameters. For example, allow salespeople to access only submissions in their region. Available with our Team Plan.

Business Automation

  • Integrations: Add customizable integrations with thousands of web applications using Zapier.
  • Formulas: Generate data automatically with formula fields you can add directly to forms.
  • Response Templates: Share a pre-filled form submission with a link so users can submit it from their account with one click.
  • Email for New Responses: Subscribe to a form to receive emails when a new response is made. With our Team Plan, subscribe to a report to receive emails when a matching submission is made.
  • Approval Workflows: Add approval workflows to list all submissions awaiting approval, and approve or reject them using a custom form.
  • Webhooks: Send hooks with custom data when submissions are created or updated. Available with our Development Plan.
  • Database Integrations: Synchronize your own database tables with form submissions. Use Sonadier as an interface and access control for your own server. Available with our Development Plan.


  • Browser Scripts: Add your own client-side scripts that run when a submission is opened. Browser scripts use the same API as server-side scripts, so you can get started writing reusable code easily. Available with our Development Plan.
  • Server-Side Validations: Run server-side JavaScript when a form is submitted to check custom validation conditions, format data, or send a custom API request. Available with our Development Plan.
  • Server-Side Procedures: Run server-side JavaScript with a POST request to a custom endpoint using an access token. Update submission or form data from a procedure and integrate seamlessly with your in-house applications. Parameters passed with the URL are sent to the procedure so you can build a custom internal API for managing your data. Available with our Development Plan.
  • Scheduled Procedures: Run Procedures at intervals (such as hourly) to perform repeated tasks. Available with our Development Plan.
  • Preference Forms: Give users a form with custom fields to save their preferences, and access them from your scripts. Let your users opt out of scripted features or set values for scripts to use. Available with our Development Plan.

Field Types

  • Text & Textarea: Basic text fields with maximum sizes of 500 and 2000 characters.
  • Multiple Choice & Dropdown: Multiple-choice fields which can optionally allow the user to select multiple values or add their own.
  • Number: A basic numeric field which can optionally allow decimals or have a maximum and minimum size.
  • Checkbox: A checkbox field which can optionally be required to force the user to check it.
  • Date & Time: Date & Time fields which can take dates, times, or both dates and times.
  • Rating: A rating field with customizable icons and a changeable maximum rating.
  • Connection: Connect to another form to select from its values. For example, an Orders form can connect to your Products form to let the user select from products.
  • Address: Address fields accept street addresses, cities, regions, postal codes, and countries. Default values can be added to hide a subfield, if all your users are from one country or region.
  • Attachment: Attachment fields upload files to your File Manager, and store them with the submission.
  • User Selection: Select from users you've invited to your organization, optionally filtered by a specific group of users.
  • Signature: Allow your staff members to sign submissions, and list users that have signed a submission.
  • Barcode: Scan or upload barcode pictures to add barcode data to your database easily.
  • Phone Number: Collect phone numbers with optional country codes and extensions.
  • Formula: Use formulas to calculate submission values automatically.