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Themes are custom styles which can be applied globally or to a form's New Submission page.

Installing Themes

Themes are included with normal applications. If they're packaged with an application, they'll show up in a list on the application's install page. See Installing Templates for more information.

Adding a Theme to a Form

Form response tables can only be styled by globally-enabled themes, but you can add individual styles to the "New Submission" page for your forms. Use form-specific themes to brand customer-facing forms or apply a consistent style across your applications. You can open the "New Submission" page by clicking Share in the menu bar of the response table page and copying the full-page submission link.

  1. Open your form's editor
  2. Click Options in the menu bar
  3. Open the Themes drawer in the options sidebar
  4. Select a theme in the Submission Page Theme dropdown
  5. Save your form

If you don't see the Themes drawer, or Submission Page Theme dropdown, you may not have any themes installed. You can install themes from the store, or contact us to request a custom theme or access to the theme editor.