Scripting Formulas


Removes any non-ASCII characters from the string value.

// Returns "test"
{{ CLEAN("te╩žst") }}

CONCAT(value1, value2, value3, ...)

Combines the strings passed as values.

// Returns "Hello, John!" when name is "John"
{{ CONCAT("Hello, ", name, "!") }}

ELEMENT(value, index)

Multiple choice fields can have multiple values. The ELEMENT function returns the value at the position of the index parameter, where the first value is 0. If the index parameter isn't included, it will default to returning the first element (at index 0). Returns nothing if the index is greater than the number of values.

// Returns "b" when value is ["a", "b", "c"]
{{ ELEMENT(value, 1) }}

FIND(haystack, needle)

Returns the index of needle within haystack if it exists as a substring, starting at 0. If the needle is not found, it will return nil, which can be detected using if and is_blank.

// Returns 7
{{ FIND("Hello, World!", "World") }}

// Returns nil
{{ FIND("Hello, World!", "Test") }}

// Returns Yes
{{ IF( IS_BLANK( FIND("Hello, World!", "Test") ), "Yes", "No") ) }}

JOIN(value, separator = "")

Joins the values of an array value into a string. If the optional second separator is given, it will be inserted between the values.

// Returns "Hello World" if value is ["Hello", "World"]
{{ JOIN(value, " ") }}

// Returns "HelloWorld" if value is ["Hello", "World"]
{{ JOIN(value) }}

// Returns "AxBxC" if value is ["A", "B", "C"]
{{ JOIN(value, "x") }}

LEFT(value, count)

Returns count characters of the string value, starting from the left.

// Returns "Test"
{{ LEFT("Testing", 4) }}


Returns the length of the string value. If an array is given, it will return the number of elements in the array. If you'd like to return the combined length of the array's elements, use join first.

// Returns 5
{{ LENGTH("value") }}

// Returns 3 if value is ["abc", "def", "ghi"]
{{ LENGTH(value) }}

// Returns 9 if value is ["abc", "def", "ghi"]
{{ LENGTH(JOIN(value)) }}


Converts the string value to lowercase letters.

// Returns "testing"

RIGHT(value, count)

Returns count characters of the string value, starting from the right.

// Returns "ting"
{{ RIGHT("Testing", 4) }}

SUBSTITUTE(value, search, replacement)

Replaces any search with replacement inside the string value.

// Returns "Goodbye, World!"
{{ SUBSTITUTE("Hello, World!", "Hello", "Goodbye") }}

// Returns "bbb bbb bbb"
{{ SUBSTITUTE("aaa aaa aaa", "aaa", "bbb") }}


Converts the string value to titlecase letters. The first letter of every word is capitalized.

// Returns "Testing"


Removes any extra spaces from the beginning and end of the string value.

// Returns "John Doe"
{{ TRIM("   John Doe   ") }}


Converts the string value to uppercase letters.

// Returns "TESTING"
{{ UPPERCASE("testing") }}