Formatting Masks

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What is Input Masking?

Input Masking lets you format a field's text with a specific style, and can be useful for quickly entering standardized data or making sure user input looks the same. You can combine the character masks below to create complex formats.

To format phone numbers in a text field, you could use (###) ###-#### or +# (###) ###-####. Since the # character is a mask that allows numbers, users can type 9 or 10 numbers and it will be formatted automatically with spacing and parentheses.

Adding Input Masks to a Field

  1. Select a field from the form editor. Masks can be added to Short Text, Paragraph, and Barcode fields.
  2. Open the Advanced tab at the bottom of the field editor.
  3. Add your mask to the Input Mask field.

Character Masks

0   Allow only numbers
#   Allow only numbers

A   Allow only letters
C   Allow only capital letters
c   Allow only lowercase letters

*   Allow letters or numbers

Making Masks Optional

To make part of your mask optional, surround the characters with [ and ] symbols.

000[0]   Allow either three or four numbers

Adding Multiple Masks

To add more than one mask to a field, surround the individual masks with parentheses and separate them with a | symbol. Input will be allowed to match any one of the masks you add.

(000)|(AAA)   Allow either three numbers or three letters