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Webhooks send requests (or "hooks") to external URLs when submissions to a form are created, updated, or deleted. Webhooks are available to users with our Development Plan.

If you'd like to send a more complex or conditional request, use Procedures or Validations.

Adding a New Webhook

  1. Open the Form Editor for a saved form
  2. Select the Options Tab
  3. Open the Scripting drawer in the options sidebar
  4. Click the Webhooks link
  5. Click Add a New Webhook

Setting a Custom Body

By default, we'll send data in the standard submission JSON data format used in our REST API. If you'd like to send your submission data in a custom format, use the Custom Request Body textarea.

  1. Open the New Webhook editor with the steps above
  2. Click the Advanced option at the bottom of the editor
  3. Enter your Custom Request Body. Use Formulas to add your submission data.