Variable Names

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Variable Names let scripts refer to fields even when field names change. While variable names can be changed manually, they should generally stay the same. If you change a field's variable name, you'll need to update its workflows, scripts, formulas, views, and any other developer tools or API requests.

You can see or change the variable name for any field from the Form Editor under the Developers drawer in the field editor sidebar.

Field Variable Names

Variable names are generated for new fields based on their names. The field's name is converted to lowercase letters and all spaces are converted to underscore _ characters. More than one space in a row will still become one underscore. Special characters like parentheses, or underscores at the beginning or end are removed.

  • Field Name becomes field_name
  • Example Name becomes example_name
  • Field Name (1) becomes field_name_1
  • __Field Name 2__ becomes field_name_2

Form Variable Names

Variable names for forms are in an early stage, and can't yet be manually set. For now, they'll change when the form's name is changed. If your organization needs access to manual form variable names, email us at

Form variable names still remove all spaces and special characters, but instead of using underscores the first letter of each word is capitalized and all other letters are made lowercase.

  • Form name becomes FormName
  • (Issue Tracker) becomes IssueTracker