Getting Started


Sonadier lets you build custom applications for your business. Use our editor to build drag-and-drop forms, and we'll provide pages for creating, reading, and editing records. User management and permissions are built in, so you can invite your team and add them to groups. You can update your forms at any time, so your applications can change with your business.

Create a New Form

Sonadier uses forms to represent databases. Get started by creating one with the link on your homepage.

Add your Fields

Drag one of the field types from the sidebar into the editor to add it to your form. Click the field to edit its options.

Name your Form

Click on the Options link in the menu bar to change the form's settings. You can come back here at any time to rename your form, restrict submissions, or change any other options. When you're done, click Save Form in the upper right.

Make a New Response

Your form doesn't have any responses yet, but you can click New Response to create one. Responses you create will appear in the table instantly - no page reloads needed!

Add your Data

Add some information and submit your form! If you have multiple submisions open, you can use CTRL and CTRL hotkeys to switch between them.

View and Edit Multiple Responses

The form's page shows a table of all your fields and submissions. You can hide fields from the table with the "Hide Column" option in the context menu of a column header.

All new forms you create will appear in the sidebar, so you can quickly move between them from one page. To view a single submission's details (including hidden columns), click the View link in the submission's row.

View and Comment on Responses

The View page lists all data for a single record. You can link to it directly to share information with your team, or add some context with comments. Top-level comments can be marked as Resolved, so you can assign tasks or request changes in the comments.

View and Restore Changes

All changes to a submission are logged, and you can use the History menu button to see a list or restore a previous version. If your organization has restrictions that require data to be permanently deleted, contact us to disable this feature.

Make Connections

When you're ready to move beyond one form, you can use Connection fields to select from another form's submissions. Search and order the submissions with a table to quickly find what you're looking for.

And More..

This article has covered the basics of building database applications, but Sonadier can be as advanced as your business needs.

  • Set group-based permissions for your team members with Groups.
  • Make relational connections between your forms with Connections.
  • Store your organization's files securely with File Management.
  • Install premade sets of forms using Templates.
  • Add custom scripts to your forms with Scripting.
  • Generate values automatically with Formulas.
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