File Storage


Sonadier comes with a full File Manager and 1GB of storage per user account for free. Files can be uploaded independently, or as attachments to Submissions. Files can also be organized into folders with specific permissions.

Uploading Files

To open your File Manager, click the Files option in the sidebar. To upload a file, click the teal Upload button in the menu bar. This page is your File Manager Home, and any files that aren't inside folders will appear here.

Folder Permissions

  1. Use an existing folder, or create a new one with the New Folder button in the menu.
  2. Open the folder's context menu (usually right-click) and select Permissions.

The folder's default permissions are based on each group's Default Form Permissions.

Upload Submission Attachments to a Folder

Files can be attached to submissions using the Attachment field type. By default, attached files won't have a folder, and will be uploaded to your File Manager's Home.

You can manually move your attached files to folders without any issues, but this is a lot of work with large numbers of files. Instead, you can automatically upload attachments from a field to a folder directly.

  1. Edit an existing form, or create a new one
  2. Create or edit an existing Attachment field
  3. From the field editor sidebar, change the Upload Folder to the folder you'd like to send files to.

It's important to remember that the file takes its permissions from the folder it belongs to. Users with access to a response might not be able to view attached files if they don't also have read permission for the folder. Attachments without a folder will take their permissions from the submission they are attached to.