Features User Management

Sonadier permissions are group-based, and users can be added to multiple groups. Groups can be assigned general permissions, as well as permissions for specific forms and reports.

Our Free Plan comes with two groups: "Staff Members" and "All Users", which are automatically assigned members. The Team Plan lets you create your own groups and customize their membership.

Create a Group

If your organization subscribes to the Team Plan, you can create custom groups from your management page. If not, skip to the next section for more group information.

  1. Open your Manage page with the link in your sidebar. If you don't see one, ask your organization for Management permission.
  2. Click the New Group button under the list of groups.
  3. Add a name and group permissions. See the following section for information about permissions.

Form Permissions

Groups can be assigned permissions for specific forms and given default permissions for newly-created forms. For a detailed list of permission types, see our permissions documentation.

Users can belong to multiple groups, and they will take their permissions from all of them. "Negative" permissions don't exist: if one of their groups does not have a permission, it won't override another group which does grant it.

Report Parameter-Based Permissions

For organizations with our Team or Development plans, groups can be granted permissions for submissions which match report parameters. For example, you can restrict groups to submissions in a specific workflow step, or from a specific geographic region.

In the example below, Orders Being Shipped is a report for the Orders form. The group has permission to submit and read all orders, but can only update and delete orders which are currently being shipped.

The submit permission checkbox is grayed-out for Orders Being Shipped since it has already been granted for the entire form and can't be disabled.