The Connection field type lets you lookup and select responses from a field, instead of using ID numbers or editing your form every time you want to add a new option. For example, you can connect a Customers form to your Orders form to pick directly from your list of customers when you add a new order.

Creating a New Connection

  1. Open the Form Editor and add a Connection field. In the Customers-Orders example above, we'd open the Orders form since we want to select an order's customer.
  2. Select the form you'd like to pick responses from with the Connected Form field. In the example above, we'd connect to Customers.
  3. Save your form.

The connection field appears as a table of responses that can be selected with checkboxes. You can right-click the header of a column and select Hide Column to hide it.

Basic Connection Options

  • Required — Require users to fill out the connection before the form can be submitted.
  • Unique — Allow a single response to be selected only once. For example, if you will never have two orders by the same customer, you can prevent a customer from being selected twice.
  • Only new responses — Require users to create a new response to the connected form, rather than selecting from an existing one.
  • Allow multiple choices — Allow the user to select more than one response. For example, if each order can have multiple customers, more than one can be selected.

Showing and Hiding Columns

  1. From the form editor, select your connection field.
  2. Open the Edit Table Columns section.
  3. Toggle the checkboxes next to the columns you'd like to hide or show.

Changing the Response Link Text

In the table view, responses selected by a connection appear as links. The link's text is the 10-character ID of the selected response by default, but you can use a value from the connected submission instead. In our example above, we'd like the link text to be the customer's name.

  1. Select your connection field in the Form Editor
  2. Open the Edit Table Columns section at the bottom.
  3. Pick a field from the Name Column dropdown.