Inviting Users

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Inviting Users by Username or Email Address

Organizations using our free tier are limited to five users, while organizations with our Team plan can invite an unlimited number of users.

  1. Open your organization's Manage page
  2. Click Add User under your members list
  3. Add a user by Username or Email Address. Users with an account can be added by Username or Email Address, while users without an account can only be added by Email Address.
  4. Click Invite to send the invitation

Users should see an invitation bar appear on their homepage, but they can always accept or reject invitations from the Organizations tab of their Account Settings panel.

View and Cancel Invitations

If you've invited an email address that isn't already registered, they'll be sent an invitation link that will automatically add them to your organization. Users can accept or deny invitations, and you can cancel invitations at any time.

Once a user has joined your organization, you can remove them from the Members list. Any user with Manage permission can add or delete users, but the organization's owner can never be removed.