Custom Views

Scripting Custom Views

Custom Views are HTML templates built with Liquid and Boostrap v4. They can lookup and display form and submission data to make it easy to build your own custom interfaces on the Sonadier platform. Custom Views let you insert your submission data into Bootstrap HTML pages, so a basic familiarity with HTML is recommended.

  • Getting Started — Learn about the types of views and create your first one.
  • The Basics — Start inserting data into custom views.
  • Conditions — Display content only when certain conditions are true.
  • Loops — Display content once for each object in a set like a list of submissions.
  • Current Submission Data — From Submission Views, add data from the current submission.
  • Lookup Submission Data — Lookup a form's submissions and use loops to build your own lists or tables.
  • Filters — Transform an object's output, changing the case, replacing values, or checking its size.
  • Variables — Assign reusable variables from within your views.
  • Cycles — Use cycle helpers to increment over lists of strings repeatedly.
  • Comments — Add developer comments that won't appear to end-users.
  • Operators — Get a list of comparison operators like >= that you can use in conditions.