Version 2.0


Released: April 1st, 2018

Additional features which did not make it into the initial 2.0 release are being released over the next few weeks. This page will be updated with more information as they become available.

Major Overhauls
  • Full User Interface redesign
  • Major Response Table performance increases
  • Single Sign-On
  • Custom Subdomains Available with our Team Plan
  • Organization Dashboard ( showing forms available to the current user
  • Advanced Report Builder, supporting for nested and/or conditions
  • Visual Workflow Builder for conditional actions Available with our Team Plan
Account Settings
  • Set a Phone Number from your Profile Settings
  • Set a Language from your Localization Settings
  • Additional "Advanced Preferences" options for users that value low data usage over speed
Creation & Editors
  • Personal Reports, visible only to the creator Available with our Team Plan
  • Advanced Report Builder, supporting nested and/or conditions
  • Build Multipage Forms from the Form Editor
  • Display overview sidebar folders as collapsible sidebar items
  • Add "+" buttons to the Form Editor, Response Tables, and File Manager, for creating context-specific items
  • Improved default connection primary field generation
  • Add form cloning to the Form Editor
  • Add default value support to Phone Number and User fields, including formulas and @mentions
  • Copy & Paste Form Editor fields between editors
  • Kanban Boards based on Multiple Choice field values
  • Weekly Calendar views, and Daily views for fields which allow Times
  • Major improvements to international Phone Number import parsing
  • Add Context Menus (Right-Click Menus) to Overview Sidebar items for easy editing
  • Display connections as dropdowns by default
  • Display Data Shared forms in user profiles
  • Workflow-based integrations (more information coming soon)
  • Command Palette (Available with Ctrl+K or Ctrl+Shift+P)
    • Search all of your organization's responses, or create new objects like forms and calendars without leaving your keyboard
File Manager
  • Search folders, posts, and filenames
  • Add formulas to posts
  • Autosave while editing posts
  • Set group-based permissions for individual posts and files
  • Write formulas within Posts
  • Add alternate =FORMULA() syntax, in addition to the existing {{FORMULA()}} format
  • Add & operator for concatenating text
  • Logo Uploading Available with our Team Plan
  • Custom Subdomains Available with our Team Plan
  • Invite a partner organization to share your data by subdomain or email address
  • Invite users directly into groups
  • Preset invited user names and phone numbers
  • Single Sign-On using Okta, OneLogin, G Suite, AWS, or any custom provider
  • Send notifications when responses are updated to match subscribed reports
  • Automatically subscribe response creators, and any User Field selections, if they have permission to read the response
  • Subscribe to individual responses to be notified of any changes or comments
  • Share individual responses with users by username or email address
  • Double-click to edit Calendar and Kanban responses
  • Double-click to edit Response Table rows, with focus on the chosen column's field
  • Export to PDF, YAML, MySQL, and HTML Tables (In addition to existing XML, JSON, and CSV)
  • Generate Atom, JSONFeed, and RSS (0.91, 1.0, and 2.0) feeds from Forms and Reports
  • Generate tel links from phone number fields
  • New REST API with full read and write access to Forms, Fields, Responses, Reports, Users, Groups, Webhooks, Procedures, Calendars, Kanbans, Files, Folders, Posts, Notifications, and Submission Version History
  • New GraphQL API with read access to Forms and Responses
  • New Unified Frontend and Backend JavaScript API for Custom Scripts, including permission-based read and write access to Forms, Fields, Responses, Reports, Procedures, Calendars, Kanbans, Users, and Groups
    • Version Helpers to check and compare the current Sonadier version
  • New FormQuery syntax for building advanced AND/OR report conditions with JSON
    • Frontend and Backend JavaScript APIs for building queries with objects
  • New Frontend JavaScript Interface API to control Modals, Menus, and other UI elements
    • Add Custom Menu options: Text, Search, Filter, Dropdown, Submit Button, or Fullscreen Toggle
  • New Backend JavaScript Authorization API to allow or deny specific users, groups, or organizations
  • Custom Scripts are now sandboxed by default, without direct HTML access. Sandboxed scripts use the same API methods to interact with the parent frame, passed through a PostMessage layer automatically. Organization Managers can disable sandboxing with the Disable Script Sandboxing Plugin.
  • Selector Custom Views bound to a selector (similar to CSS). For example, a view bound to forms.ABCDEFGHIJ.submissions.*.editor will appear when editing all "ABCDEFGHIJ" form responses.
  • Schedule Procedures to run Quarterly, in addition to existing options