Version 1.19


Released: May 15th, 2017

Account Settings
  • Reorganize the Account Settings page into multiple panels
  • Add an account setting to require a password before opening your Settings page
  • Add an account setting to hide outgoing connection tables from submission view pages
  • Add Plugins and Themes to applications
  • Move "Live Responses Mode" to an installable plugin
  • Rewrite application store installation, update, and migration handling
Creation & Editors
  • Add Custom Views, HTML templates which can lookup and display data for individual or all form responses
  • Add Webhooks to send submission data to a URL on create, update, or delete
  • Add Phone Number field type
  • Add Form Folders to group forms in the sidebar
  • Add Open and Close dates for accepting new submissions to a form
  • Add form option to limit the number of submissions accepted
  • Reorganize field editor sidebars into collapsed drawers
  • Redesign connection fields displayed as dropdowns to use a more interactive tagging interface
  • Add smart default primary fields to connections, preferring fields named with words like "Name"
  • Add dropdown to create different types of objects in the overview sidebar
  • Add FORMAT.PERCENTAGE and FORMAT.CURRENCY custom formatting formulas
  • Upgrade SUBMISSION.DATA formula to take a wider variety of options including connection field values
  • Add N, CHAR, ORD, BIN, DEC, HEX, and OCT value conversion formulas
  • Add IS_NUMBER, IS_LOGICAL and IS_TEXT conditional formulas
  • Add a number of FINANCE formulas for financial calculations
  • Allow reordering of forms and reports in the sidebar from the Rules tab of the Management panel
  • Add Plugin Management page to management panel with buttons to enable or disable specific plugins
  • Save last column ordering for tables per-user across devices and reloads
  • Add optional separate table column name for fields, available through the table column right-click menu
  • Add form and report response counters to the overview sidebar
  • Add button to collapse forms in the sidebar with child objects like reports or calendars