Version 1.17


Released: November 24th, 2016

  • Fully redone basic interface elements
  • Added input masking
  • Added response table column resizing
  • Added a central sharing center for forms and reports
  • Added default values to fields
  • Added remembered field values to prefill a user's last response
  • Added double-click shortcut to View or Edit submissions in response tables
  • Added editable submission confirmation text
  • Remove hiding textarea fields from tables by default, since column resizing prevents too-wide columns
  • Start directly in the Responses page instead of the Dashboard
  • Added number and date localization options
  • Fix date/time fields not exporting as timestamps
  • Added filtering calendars to submissions that match a report
  • Added hotkeys for navigating the responses page
  • Rename "Wiki Pages" to "Posts"
  • Added Mass-Updating to submissions selected in response tables
  • Added marking comments as resolved
  • Added replying to comments