Exporting Data

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Sonadier supports exporting form responses to XML, JSON, and CSV. To start exporting a form's submissions, open the form's responses.

Start Exporting

Click the icon above the list of responses to open the form's options, then select Export Submissions.

Choose a Format

Choose an export format from the modal window that appears — You can click any of the options to immediately download an exported file.

Click on the CSV, JSON, or XML links to export immediately.

Advanced Column Naming

Other programs that you import into may have specific requirements for data naming. Click Advanced at the bottom of the export modal window to change the field's names for this export. By default, they will be sent as snake_cased versions of the field's names: "Example Field Name" becomes "example_field_name".

Click the Advanced Option at the bottom of the Export modal to open the column naming section.

Formatting Exported Data

If you are importing data into a program with specific requirements for formatted data, we suggest using Formula Fields to generate formatted values from your submission data. We are happy to help you write formulas, and free support is available at support@sonadier.com.