Features Tables

Forms with a Date or Time field can be viewed as calendars.

View your Form's Responses

To get started, open the responses table for your form.

Open the Table Settings

Click the icon in the top right of your table to open the table options. If your form has a date or time field, you should see a New Calendar option. Click it to set up your calendar.

Set Up Your Calendar

You can edit this configuration at any time later on. Submissions will be grouped into days on the calendar based on their Date Field. If you have more than one date or time field in the form, you can choose which one should be used from here. The value of a submission's Name Field will appear next to the calendar entry. When you're ready, click Save to continue.

View Your Calendar

Your calendar will appear in the sidebar, and you can open it at any time. Click on any of the submissions in the calendar to view them directly.

Edit or Open Submissions

To quickly edit, open, or see the history of a submission, right-click it to open the properties menu. Editing a submission will open it in a modal window, and won't redirect you to a new page.