Sorting Columns

Features Tables

Default Ordering

When you click on a table column's header, the table will be sorted by the column's values. Text columns are sorted alphabetically, numeric columns are sorted by size, and date columns are sorted by time. Shift-clicking another header will sub-order rows where the first ordering column's values are the same.

Custom Ordering

Fields can also be given a custom sorting order. In the example below, a multiple choice field with the options "High", "Medium", and "Low" is sorted alphabetically. To add custom ordering to a column, right click the column's header and click Custom Ordering.

Adding Values

Add your options in the order they should be sorted. You can drag the ordering icon to the left of the fields to change their positions. When you're done, click Save to continue.

Customized Ordering

Once you've saved your custom ordering, your column will sort correctly. In the example below, "Medium" is correctly sorted before "Low" despite coming later alphabetically.